This report is compiled upon evidence based objective biomechanical analysis and protocols that have been established for Roentgenometric Digitization of the spine. This evaluation will not include a pathological report. The Digital Radiographic Images used were of acceptable quality and in compliance with normal protocols for X-ray digitization. This report follows the AMA Guides to The Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 5th Edition, Errata. The Mensuration Analysis is considered “Established” by the World Health Organization and can be found in the US National Guideline Clearinghouse.

Lateral Cervical Spine: There are abnormal Lateral Baselines. Spondylolisthesis Grade I at C4. The Centre of Gravity is 2.13 mm Posterior. Interruptions of the George’s Line at C4/C5 are indicative of Ligamentous instability or sub failure. There are abnormal anterior Lateral Vertebral Offsets at C4.Cervical Motion Study: There are abnormal Lateral Baselines. The Atlas/Skull angle is 4.93 degrees during flexion and 7.23 degrees during extension. The translational motion segment integrity appears to be compromised at C2. The angular motion segment integrity appears to be below ratable threshold.

1.Cervical motion study (C7-C1) indicates Translational Motion Segment Integrity change at C2. The impairment of the cervical region is due to ratable Loss of Motion Segment integrity and is ratable at 25% for Cervical spine (AMA Guides, Fifth Edition, Errata). This patient’s digital analysis reveals Loss of Motion Integrity at C2 = 3.71 mm Posterior yielding an impairment estimate based on plain film forensics at 25% whole person.

2.Ligamentous instability is suggested in the Cervical spine.

3.The Centre of Gravity is 2.13 mm Posterior.

4.Interruptions of the George’s Line at C4/C5 are indicative of ligamentous instability or sub failure.

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  • PLL
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  • Facet gapping
  • Foraminal encroachment
  • APOM lateral bending (alar/accessory)

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