Dr. Cielo will be at a seminar next week from Wednesday through Friday. Our schedule will be as follows:

Monday 4/27   8-12, 2-7
Tuesday 4/28  2-7 
Wednesday 4/29   8-12, 2-7.  Dr. Jeff Bourguignon will be covering for Dr. Cielo
Thursday 4/30    2-7 CLOSED
Friday 5/01   8-12.  Dr. Jeff will be covering                      


Welcome to a place where we always stand behind you, literally. Dr. Todd J. Cielo and his friendly staff at Cielo Sports & Family Chiropractic Centre have been supporting hundreds of residents in the South Tampa community with a special emphasis on hands-on care. By applying various techniques to specific spinal joints, we can successfully restore the body to its natural state of well-being. This is what we call "The Cielo Steps for Maximum Recovery." They include:

  • Restoring proper biomechanics
  • Reconditioning of muscles
  • Regaining balanced neural flow

In addition to offering this tested and proven foundation for healing, we provide our patients and their families with our "Cielo Wellness Program." The key to perfecting your health lies in prevention. That's why we make it possible for you and every member of your family to visit us regularly for adjustments, specific stretching and strengthening programs, body maintenance and more - all for a small monthly fee. 

So, please feel free to call us at the number below and we will set you up with an initial visit/consultation which will start you on your path of Chiropractic wellness.

Office Hours:
Day                          Morning                       Afternoon
Monday                      8-12                                2-7
Tuesday                     Closed                             2-7
Wednesday                 8-12                                2-7
Thursday                    Closed                             2-7
Friday                         8-12                             Closed
Saturday                     Closed
Sunday                       Closed
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